What is Elderberry and the benefits of Elderberry Supplements

What is Elderberry?Elderberry is a berry that comes from the Sambucus tree, also known as the Elder tree. Different variations of this tree can be found in many countries around the world. There are several species in North America, Asia and Europe. This tree is also known for another amazing treat which is the Elderflower, which are the little white flowers that hang out around the berries and get used in foods and teas including cakes but we aren’t discussing that today.

The Elderberries grow in shades of blue or purple. This is a berry that you can not eat in its raw form. The raw elderberry are known to cause nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and many other symptoms to people and the unripe berry is poisonous. Even though that raw product is not meant for human consumption, the cooked ripe elderberries are very good to eat.

The taste of an Elderberry is more of a mixture of tart and earthy then that of a sweet fruit. They are a perfect berry to be mixed with sweeter fruits to be an added note. They also are vibrant when added to mixes with tart fruits.

People have been known to make wine, syrups, pies and jams with elderberries. Elderberries are not only delicious but they are healthy for you. They are packed full of Zinc 110 mcg, Vitamin C 36 mg and Iron 1.6 mg, plus many other minerals and vitamins and this is in its raw form.

Historically Elderberries have been used to treat colds, rheumatism, to treat boils, to decease pain and inflammation, reduce symptoms of upper respiratory infections and it was even used to prevent herpes outbreaks and the plague. Elderberry was also used in the lab studies against H1N1 or the Swine Flu and had good results.

What are the benefits of Elderberry Supplements?

For your health– Elderberries have flavonoids which are antioxidants are known for reducing your risk of cancer, heart disease, asthma, and stroke. Also the antioxidants that are within the Elderberries can help to fight the flu, colds and to boost your immune system.

For your skin– The high levels of Vitamin A in the Elderberry help to prevent or lessen the appearance of wrinkles and will also reduce age spots. There is also a compound in Elderberries called anthocyanin and it will help to give your skin a natural vibrancy.

For your appearance– The antioxidants in elderberries will help to reduce inflammation, this means that any swelling that you have on the surface or within the body will reduce. This will not only help you to look slimmer but it can help you to lose weight also. This will also improve your circulation which will help you to feel less fatigued and want to be more active.

There are many different types of Elderberry supplements available for adults, teens and children to take to improve their immune system, there is cough syrup, antioxidant supplements and there are even Elderberry vitamin supplements. The interesting thing is that most of the elderberry products come in either a syrup or a gummy form, so hopefully you will enjoy taking your elderberry.

Are there any side effects to watch out for?

There is a possibility that elderberries will reduce the levels of theophylline, which is a drug that is taken for asthma and other respiratory conditions. If you take this drug you may want to consult your doctor before adding any sort of Elderberry products in to your life.

Also, please be aware before you find Elderberries in nature. Heating or juicing elderberries will lessen their antioxidant value, if you are just wanting to make food and drinks from the berries without worrying about nutritional value then that is fine.

People are known to take Elderberry for everything from pain management, to cure colds, to lose weight and to help fight their cancers. Elderberry is a plant that has been around since the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks but science is still questioning the validity of this possible cure-all plant supplement. Elderberries are known to strengthen the immune system and with high levels of antioxidants, different vitamins and minerals the list could truly be endless to the benefits of the Elderberry.

If you are interested in trying out Elderberry as an ingredient there are many different specialty stores that carry the cooked version of the fruit so that you don’t have to worry about that process. If you are interested in trying out the juice or wine then there are places online that sell both and you might want to find out if the fruit is local to your state, if so you will more than likely find some winery that makes their own version of Elderberry wine.


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